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Few Upcoming Trends in Travel Industry - Stephen Taormina

Stephen Taormina a well-known teacher in New York and a famous travel blogger. Stephen Taormina has written some amazing blogs on travel industry which helps various people and travel businesses.

Stephen Taormina writes about a few upcoming trends in the travel industry:-

Millennials Making the Impact

Millennials have certainly made an impact on the travel industry. They are the largest generational group currently feeding their need to tour the globe. They have changed the needs and demands of the travel industry.

Rise Of Theme-Based Travel

There has been huge demand of theme based travel in recent past and play a big role in changing aspects of the travel industry. People nowadays are more interested in Adventure activities, event traveling etc.

Digital Photography

Photography has changed the need for traveling in a big way. People like to click the photographs wherever they travel and post in immediately to social accounts. Some are traveling only because they want to travel.

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