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    Stephen Taormina Blog on " Reality Of Being A Travel Blogger"

    Stephen Taormina shared some good points for new bloggers.


    1 Write Highly Productive Content

    Its Really Important to write highly productive content which provide good amount of knowledge to a user which would be useful to him/her.


    2 Do Not Look For Money Straight Away
    One must not look for money straight away and should only be concentrating in quality of his content at least for one year.


    3) Meet New People

    You should must new people as it helps to get new knowledge and you will get to know about various places.


    4) Get Updated About With Evolving Industry

    You should remain updated with the evolving industry as its still a new industry as compared to food or fashion blogging

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    Stephen Taormina is a passionate travel teacher who loves to take photos and save them in his laptop. Former art student Stephen Taormina when using that photos in his blogs hen needed. He has a passion for blogging and he did beginning of his career in it by visiting new places and observing each and everything.

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